Introduction Post: A very brief one

السلام عليكم

Hi there.

Congratulations for witnessing someone’s dream come true! I’ve finally decided to create a blog after thinking about it since high school, sixth-form and university days. Many excuses have been made, a lot of procrastinating have been done and time is always managed so poorly that I feel guilty for not fully using its advantage to the core.

So now is a good time, I suppose, to make amends to those moments and justify the reasons for making a blog . Plus it’s kind of tiring to talk to yourself in the shower.

It’s awkward to describe myself – the good or the bad stuff that basically creates a solid idea of me – so I’ll skip this part.

My main interest has always been writing and that’s basically what I’m here for – to write. Whether it’s casual or creative writing or academic, I’d love to explore how far I can go and improve. Besides, it’s a pretty good therapy for the mind and it’d be great to sort out many scattering thoughts, hopefully.

In other words, this blog will probably consist of:

  • Personal and very much subjective thoughts
  • Book reviews!
  • Random vents and nonsensical outbursts
  • Inspirational stuff to keep me, y’know, motivated
  • My life?

There are other things I’d like to mention but it’d probably take a decade if I continue to figure out what they are at the moment.

Oh yeah, several things before I sigh with relief in finishing a post.

Current status: Dazed and slowly grasping the reality after spending 4 and a half years as a uni student. Otherwise content with the imperfect life.

Kupidaun? I’ve always loved tea all my life and coffee is basically my best friend after tea.

Lastly, whoever you are, thanks for reading and happy 2017.

Stay updated!